Apr 21 2014

Bipolar Awareness Wristbands

Amazing Wristbands

Raise Awareness of Bipolar Disorders with Custom Silicone Wristbands

Do you know someone with a Bipolar disorder? Sometimes, bipolar disorders are hard to recognize. When people don’t recognize the symptoms in themselves, they don’t see help, which can lead to very difficult situations. Awareness events for bipolar disorder are centered on educating the public about the signs of bipolar disorder, and supporting those living with it.  Bipolar awareness wristbands can help.

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Apr 17 2014

Concussion Awareness Wristbands

Amazing Wristbands

Use Wristbands for Concussion Awareness

Awareness is increasing about the seriousness of concussion injuries. A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. A concussion can also be caused by violent movement or jarring of the head or neck. Many concussions will simply heal on their own, others require medical intervention. Multiplie concussions, even when minor, can leave to serious or even fatal injuries. Concussion awareness efforts educate people – including parents of children must susceptible to concussion – about concussions. Concussion awareness wristbands can help keep this important topic top of mind.

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Apr 15 2014

Glitter Wristbands

Amazing Wristbands

Custom Glitter Wristbands Sparkle and Shine

Custom wristbands are the perfect way to celebrate a special event, raise money, or promote a product. Glitter bands can do all those thing, with a sparkle! Adding a sparkly glitter effect to your custom bracelets makes it more unique and fun. You can add glitter to any color or type. Here, you can choose glitter for your silicone key chains too!

Glitter Bracelets

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