Aug 1 2015

Writable Wristbands

Use Writable Wristbands for Your Custom Message

The writable wristband is a variation on the popular half-inch silicone wristband. With writable bands, you can have your custom message on one side of the band, and a large writable white area on the other.

Create your write-on wristbands today!

Uses for Writable Wristbands

Write-on wristbands can be used for school groups, fundraising, events, contests, parties, and more! Our writable bracelets are the most versatile bands we carry because they can be used in a variety of ways, customizable on the go. Here are just a few ways you can use it for:

Writable Wristbands

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Jul 30 2015

Curling Wristbands

Curl in Style with Custom Curling Wristbands!

Although not the most well-known sport, curling is enjoyed by many. Dating back as early as the 1500’s, curling has evolved from a past time to an international Olympic sport. It has grown in popularity all over the world, and boasts a whole new unique experience.

What is Curling?

Curling is a two-team sport. The goal is to slide specialized granite stones over ice so that they stop as close as possible to a bullseye. The teams use strategy, teamwork, and communication to keep the other players from succeeding while doing their best to win.

In order to direct the stone, a special throw, called a curl, is used to slide the ball. Then teammates sweep the ice in order to direct the ball toward its target. Overall, curling is a fun, yet competitive, game that builds character.

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Jul 28 2015

Purple Wristbands

Raise Awareness with Purple Wristbands

Color is abundant in the world around us, and every color has a special meaning. When it comes to awareness, different colors have come to be synonymous with particular causes. You can use a color specific to your cause to promote awareness and increase support with customized purple bracelets.

Purple Wristbands

Which Awareness Campaigns Use Purple Bracelets?

Many causes use the color purple as their recognized awareness color, including pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, lupus, Alzheimer’s, domestic violence, ADD/ADHD, animal abuse awareness, religious tolerance, support for the victims of 9/11 including the police and firefighters, Crohn's disease and colitis, cystic fibrosis, leimyosarcoma, and fibromyalgia, and headaches/migraines. Show your support of these important causes with custom purple wristbands from us.

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