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Apr 28 2016

Custom Wristbands For This Spring Break

Promote Safety with Spring Break Wristbands

It’s that time of year when teens and young adults are making their plans to go away for spring break. Whether it’s college kids going home for the week or a group traveling to the beach, safety is a main concern. Wristbands can help remind spring breakers to stay together, have fun and make safe choices.

Spring Break Safety Bands

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Apr 28 2016

Wristbands To Honor Student of the Month

Recognize Star Students with Student of the Month Wristbands

Student of the Month awards recognize students whose performance were outstanding. Many schools use these awards to call attention to students who stand out among their peers. The student of the month may have achieved success academically, or showed exceptional leadership or courage in another aspect of their schoolwork. Custom designed student-of-the-month bracelets can help schools recognize their star students and inspire other students.

Custom Student Bracelets

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Apr 28 2016

Raise SIDS Awareness With Wristbands

Raise Awareness of SIDS with Wristbands

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)  is the leading cause of death in infants up to age 1. SIDS awareness month is in October, and often symbolized with a combination of the colors blue and pink. Custom SIDS awareness bracelets are used at SIDS awareness events to represent babies lost to the syndrome and to raise awareness of SIDS. You can design your own at www.AmazingWristbands.com.

Custom SIDS Awareness Bands

Facts about SIDS

SIDS claims the life of about 2,500 babies per year. SIDS rates have in the last few decades, and some believe this is because of safe sleeping strategies. Here are some important facts about SIDS: Continue Reading »

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