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Apr 16, 2018

Oral Cancer - Know the risk factors and causes

A type of cancer that develops in the mouth area is known as Oral cancer. In the article, let us see the risk factors and causes of this cancer.

Risk factors and Causes:

The risk develops greater for the people over 45 years of age and above. Men are at more risk when compared to women. The most important cause of Oral cancer is the enormous usage of tobacco and alcohol. Listed below are the risk factors from the most important to the least.

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Apr 2, 2018

National Alcohol Screening Day - Raise Awareness to Stop Drinking Behaviors

Alcoholism is the most prevalent harmful substance in almost all over the world and in fact, in the United States each year millions of people suffered from alcoholism. It is considered as a medical condition that can be diagnosed by screening and treated when a person’s drinking causes distress or harm to himself or to others. It is necessary to create awareness on the National Alcohol Screening Day to stop drinking behaviors with silicone wristbands customized at amazingwristbands.com – a leading provider of custom silicone products.

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Mar 17, 2018

Know The Trisomy Conditions And Challenges To Support Awareness

Trisomy is a chromosomal disorder that involves a number of human genetic abnormalities like birth defects, intellectual disabilities, characteristic facial features due to an extra chromosome present.  Though there are more people suffering from this genetic disorder, the understanding about this, is very poor among the people. Since March is recognized as Trisomy Awareness Month, it is right time to raise awareness about the cause, evaluation and treatment options, with customized silicone wristbands.  You can customize these products at amazingwristbands.com – a leading provider of custom silicone accessories.

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