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Jan 5, 2015

Wear Red Bands To Support American Heart Month

Custom Wristbands for American Heart Month

Design silicone bracelets to show your support for American Heart Month. The statistics are startling: About 600 thousand people die of heart disease every year. As the leading cause of death for both men and women, heart disease accounts for 1 in every 4 deaths. February is American Heart Month. The events organized during this month focus on three main areas: Preventing heart disease through awareness, supporting those affected by heart disease, and research for better treatments of heart disease.

Custom Heart Disease Awareness Bands

American Heart Month Wristbands for Prevention

If your goal is to increase awareness around the risk factors that may lead to heart disease, your custom message might have something to do with living a healthy lifestyle, eating better, and exercising to make the heart stronger. Other prevention-oriented messages may focus on the signs of a heart attack that may lead to faster care and better outcomes after a heart attack.

American Heart Month Wristbands for Support

Supporting people who have been affected by heart disease may mean creating custom wristbands for a particular person who is recovering from heart surgery or a heart attack. More general support wristbands may have a generic message of support that is distributed to people who participate in an American Heart Month event or who are in a heart disease support group.

American Heart Month Wristbands for Fundraising and Research

Groups dedicated to more research for better treatments for heart disease might use American Heart Month bands as a fundraising tool. Custom bracelets can be bought in any quantity. When purchased in bulk, they can be sold for a nice fundraising profit.

Customize Your American Heart Month Wristbands

The more unique you make your American Heart Month bracelets, the more popular they will become. Here are some creative ways to customize:

  • While most American Heart Month wristbands are red, you can choose any color or add a secondary color to really make it unique.
  • As an alternative to standard wristbands, put your American Heart Month message on slap bands that snap to your wrist and fit snugly in place.
  • Add custom artwork, or select clipart from our extensive library.
  • Order thin quarter-inch or thick one-inch bands to really make your American Heart Month bracelets stand out.
  • Add a glow-in-the-dark effect. Perfect for night-time events!

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