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Dec 2, 2015

Custom Made Anti-Bullying Wristbands

Put a Stop to Bullying with Anti-Bullying Wristbands

Use custom anti-bullying wristbands to raise awareness. The problem of bullying among America's youth is a widespread issue that receives a lot of attention in the news. In some cases, bullying has even been blamed for some tragic teen suicides. From cyber-bullying to physical and emotional bullying, speaking out about bullying will help victims of bullies feel supported and strong.

Bracelets To Support Anti-bullying wristbands

Wristbands can be an important part of an anti-bullying campaign. Many schools and other youth organizations order anti-bullying wristbands with custom messages that raise awareness of bullying behaviors and help students who are suffering from bullies. You can support those programs with personalized bully-prevention wristbands with a custom message that means something to your organization, such as "Beat Bullying" or "Be Brave Against Bullying" or "Stronger than Bullying".

What is Bullying?

The National Institute of Health released a study with general information about the different types of bullying.

  • Verbal bullying, such as name calling and teasing, is the most prevalent type of bullying with 53.6% of students surveys reporting some sort of involvement in verbal bullying, either as bullies or as victims.
  • Relational bullying includes things such as social isolation and spreading hurtful rumors. A majority of students - 51.4% - reported being involved in relational bullying.
  • Physical bullying involves physical contact, such as pushing, hitting, and shoving. This type of bullying is less common, but still a big problem with 20.8% of students reporting involvement.
  • Cyber bullying is bullying that occurs on social media sites, chat rooms, or via text messaging. On the rise, 13.6% of students reported being involved in cyber bullying.
Custom Stop Bullying Bands

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