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Oct 20, 2017

Best Ideas to Promote Cyber Security

The scale of malicious attacks against companies has changed the dimensions of IT security. Join the global effort to promote online safety! Cyber security is the practice of protecting networks, servers, computers and data from hackers. Securing a computer system involves both physical and cyber security. Let us take a look at some good ideas to promote the latter.

Cyber Security Awareness

Free Security Awareness Posters:

Download relevant awareness resources like posters or infographics, print them and put them up in various locations to reinforce appropriate network data security behavior. Use social media groups and hashtags on Twitter to help them reach a wider audience.

Awareness Activities:

Collaborate with your community or office members and plan for a local event in your area. Include various awareness activities like cyber security themed Sudoku puzzles, group discussions, essay competitions and more. Include the best ideas in your organization’s newsletter or community news board.

Giveaway Accessories:

Round up an attractive prize pack for the winners. It can include a coffee thermos, Bluetooth speakers, LED bands or key chains – the options are endless! There are many online sellers that will help you design your accessories with your own personalized message. You can get your favorite cyber security slogan printed on them with only a click. Amazingwristbands.com is a leading online provider of top quality silicone accessories which stands out with positive reviews on social media and other websites. Call us at 1-800-269-0910 or e-mail us at customercare@amazingwristbands.com.

Share your Experience: Not everyone understands things the right way. People build their knowledge in different ways, using different sources. Writing blogs reveals your own experience to readers and helps them understand your ways and relate. It is the way humans are wired - we prefer to hear other people’s personal stories rather than just binging on theory.

Share Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords:

Surprisingly, people underestimate the philosophy behind picking а secure password. 12345 and QWERTY are two of the world’s most common passwords. They are also in the Top 25 worst passwords as they can be easily guessed by anyone, only to leave you wondering who stole your personal details, photos, confidential documents, bank details, and money. Share your tips about how to choose clever passwords and keep your account and details safe.

Also, avoid using the same passwords and PIN codes for multiple accounts or writing them down on a piece of paper. If you have to, keep that paper securely away from your computer or purse. Never share your password and make sure it is strong enough on its own.

We need to start taking cyber security as seriously as we take home safety. Only then will we be able to protect ourselves from cyber threat actors - at least up to a certain extent.

Last modified on: October 31st, 2017