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Mar 29, 2015

How To Use Custom-Made Book Club Wristbands?

Add More Fun To Book Club With Custom Wristbands

Are you in a book club? Wristbands are a great way to support and to encourage reading & get together for adult conversation. Book clubs get together regularly happen to discuss books that are of common interest. While book clubs are great in theory, sometimes they fizzle out quickly in practice. Silicone made Book club wristbands are one way to keep your book club energized and going strong.

Wristbands To Support Book Club

Book Club Bracelets Uses:

Here are just a few ways to use your custom book club wristbands:

  • Give your book club a fun name, and create corresponding wristbands.
  • Make wristbands that correspond to different types of input given for each book discussion. Keep it light and fun, such as “best alternative ending” or “most like” a certain character.
  • Tie wristbands to main characters in the book in a fun way.
  • Use writable wristbands to customize your bracelets for each club meeting!

Customize Your Book Club Wristbands

  • Add custom artwork or select clipart, such as book or word graphics, from our extensive library
  • Use special colors or a combination of colors, such as segmented or swirled colors
  • Instead of standard wristbands, order slap bands that snap to your wrist and fit snugly in place.
  • Order thin quarter-inch wristbands or thick one-inch bands. .

Tips for a Successful Book Club

Here are some ideas from Bookriot.com to create and maintain a successful book club:

  1. Choose a demographic and stick to it. Make sure everyone in your group is interested in the books the club members will read.
  2. Try to pick books that are under 400 pages. Somewhere around 300 pages seems to work best, long enough to be meaningful, short enough that people can finish.
  3. Be realistic with your schedule. Every month is a lot even for avid readers. Aim for every other month for a good balance. It’s also important to keep to a time schedule. Two hours is a good amount of time to plan for.
  4. Incorporate food. People like to eat, it’s as simple as that.
  5. Allow for some hang out time. Book clubs are social events – keep the focus on friendly conversation rather than intellectual discussion.

About Amazing Wristbands

Silicone products from Amazing Wristbands are 100% latex free and non-allergenic. Many of our products have no minimums and can be delivered within a few days. Use our online tool to create your wristband, or give us a call if you need help. We offer free shipping, free artwork, free design, and free color matching Best of all, your book club wristband is completely customizable!

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