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Nov 8, 2015

What Do Brown Wristbands Symbolize?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a color is worth even more! The color you choose for your personalized silicone made wristbands can mean many things. When it comes to awareness, every color has a special meaning. Brown wristbands stand for a couple of different causes, and selecting the color brown can give your message more impact.

Brown Color Bracelets

Brown Wristbands Stand For

Brown is a serious color signifying stability, structure and support. The warmth of the color brown gives a feeling of calm, comfort, quality and simplicity. Brown, along with green, is perhaps the most dominant color in nature and provides a down to earth, natural quality. A common color in business, most famously used by UPS, brown can signal to customers a sense of professionalism, competence and strength.

Brown Wristbands For Awareness

Many causes use the color brown as their recognized awareness color. Most commonly, brown is the symbolic color for colorectal/colon cancer awareness and anti-tobacco awareness campaigns.

Buy Brown Wristbands From Us

At AmazingWristbands.com, you can create custom brown wristbands for your awareness campaign. To make your custom silicone brown bracelets unique and eye-catching, use a second color as an accent or add a second swirled or segmented color. Use our online builder to create your personalized brown bands. If you need assistance, we’re just a phone call away.

  • No minimum order requirements for popular styles.
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  • 100% silicone that are non-allergenic and latex free.
  • We never supplement our silicone products with fillers such as latex.
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  • Shipment of your wristbands in 5 - 10 days

More Than Just Standard Brown Wristbands

Our wristbands come in a variety of sizes and widths, including half-inch bands, thicker one-inch bands, and adjustable bands. We also offers popular slap bands that “snap” to a person’s wrist, USB bands, silicone rings and silicone key chains. Create your own today!

Last modified on: January 2nd, 2017