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Feb 17 2017

How Rubber Bracelets Help Spread Brain Injury Awareness?

Use Custom Bands for Brain Injury Awareness

Custom awareness wristbands are the best tool to spread your message. Injuries to the brain, called Traumatic Brain Injuries happen frequently with varying degrees of severity. Of the 1.7 people who suffer a TBI each year, some will be simply treated and released while many others can suffer long term disabilities from their brain injury. Many brain injuries can be prevented. For example, many awareness campaigns exist to educate youth sports coaches and parents of the signs of concussions and other brain injuries. Some states have even enacted laws requiring coaches to be training in TBI awareness.

Grey Wristband Styles

Other serious brain injuries can be prevented through the use of helmets when riding bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, and the like. March is National Brain Injury Awareness month. The recognized awareness colors for brain injury awareness are white, silver, or gray.

You can order custom brain injury awareness bracelets with your personalized message, such as "Know the Signs of Concussion", "Support TBI Awareness", or "Always Wear a Helmet". All wristbands from AmazingWristbands.com are made of comfortable, latex-free, and non-allergenic silicone. We never use latex in our wristbands to ensure our customers' safety and peace of mind.
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Feb 17 2017

Wear Lime Green Wristbands To Support Lymphoma Awareness

Raise Awareness of Lymphoma

Nearly 80,000 people are diagnosed with some form of lymphoma each year, and 20,000 die. Do you know someone with lymphoma, or are you organizing a lymphoma awareness campaign? Custom silicone wristbands are a perfect to raise money or general awareness. All wristbands from AmazingWristbands.com are made of comfortable, latex-free, and non-allergenic silicone.

You can create custom lymphoma awareness wristbands with your personalized message. A simple message such as “Cure Lymphoma” or “Fighting Against Lymphoma” would work for a general lymphoma awareness campaign. Or, you may want something specific for a campaign to support a single person, such as “Prayers for Megan”.

Lime Green Awareness Bands

September is Lymphoma Awareness Month. The recognized awareness color for lymphoma is lime green, and red is the general color in support of blood cancers. Many walks, marathons, and other events are scheduled each year to support lymphoma awareness, including  those through the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society’s popular “Team in Training.” Often, teams purchase awareness wristbands as fundraisers for their teams or to improve team morale.
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Feb 17 2017

Custom Suicide Prevention Wristbands

Spread the Word About The Suicide Prevention Hotline

Use standard silicone wristbands to spread your message. Suicide prevention hotline wristbands can help people in crisis have instant access to the hotline number. The number for the national suicide prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255. By calling National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, callers can talk to a skilled, trained crisis worker who will listen and provide information about local mental health services. Calls are confidential and free.

Know About Suicide Prevention Day

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