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Apr 22 2017

Best Reasons To Choose Amazing Wristbands

We are a leading online provider of stylish customizable wristbands. We offer amazing high quality silicone products. This is particularly important for people with latex allergies. Our wristbands look lovely and are very comfortable to wear everyday.

Why are We Special?

We offer a wide variety for you to choose from, including stunning colors to inspirational fonts and powerful messages. That is one of the things that makes us special.

Our most popular item types and styles include ink-filled deboss, debossed, embossed, colorized emboss, screen printed, writable wristbands, adjustable bands, silicone rings, LED bands, USB bands and more.

Stylish Silicone Bracelets

We offer customizable designs, so whatever you want to convey, you can do so easily with your own inspirational personalized text.

On selecting inverted screen printed and dual layer bands you can have swirl or segmented style ink on your messages.

The dual layer edge band has two layers; the inside band color will be the color of your design; the outside color is actually a stripe around the band and shows off the inside layer of color above and below the stripe.

You can design your debossed wristbands where your text will be recessed into the band. This effect makes your message stand out more. Our attractive embossed wristbands are for those of you who want their artwork/message raised above the band.

We offer a wide range of standard color selections. Our Pantone Color Chart will best assist you in selecting the correct shade.

You can add cool and fun effects such as glitter, glow in the dark and our special UV glow specifically designed for white bracelets. When your band goes under UV light, the color of the band changes to purple.

We have a beautiful online collection of designs (1000+ clipart designs and 300+ fonts) for you. You can also upload your own custom artwork and/or fonts.

Besides 1/2" standard wristbands, we also offer 1/4" thin, 3/4" wide, 1" extra wide bands, silicone rings, slap bands and keyrings. In case you’re not sure about the size you need, then adjustable bands are perfect for you. These bands have three buttons that can be adjusted to a smaller or larger size.

What can you expect from us?

  • 100% silicone products!
  • NO MOLD FEE on any quantity of custom bracelets!
  • FREE shipping in the U.S.
  • FREE artwork and design!
  • FREE unlimited artwork revisions!
  • FREE color matching!
  • Rush service available!
  • Have your order in 5-7 business days (for some products)!

Get a detailed quote in minutes! Call us at 1-800-269-0910 to speak with our reliable customer service team or e-mail us at customercare@amazingwristbands.com.

You can also visit us on www.AmazingWristbands.com and check out our online customizers! We're sure you won't be disappointed with what we've got to offer.

Mar 24 2017

Black Friday Special - LED Wristbands : Buy One, Get One Free

Don't miss our amazing Black Friday Offer, starting TODAY! Read on to see how you can easily get two incredible LED wristbands for the price of one!

Someone once said that all good things come in twos, and we couldn't agree more. That's why we're giving you every second LED wristband for free! From full stadiums to small meetings, choose our special flashing bracelets allowing the entire crowd to immerse into amazing pixels of light and motion.

LED Bands

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Mar 18 2017

Braille Silicone Wristbands For Visually Impaired

Wristbands for Braille Readers

Individuals who are visually impaired are unable to read without assistance - some people need larger font or an audio book; others read in a special raised print known as braille. Although silicone wristbands became trendy many years ago, it was hard for visually impaired people to enjoy the customized messages until Amazing Wristbands was challenged by a customer to create a wristband with a message in braille. Since then, the company has created numerous other braille messages on their wristbands, always taking care to get the particular message just right.

Braille Wristbands Debossed Style

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