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Jan 9 2017

Graduation Wristbands

Graduation Wristbands Make Great Gifts!

Graduation is a time when friends are moving on, leaving their experience as a group within a school behind them. Custom-made Wristbands can be a fun way for graduates to commemorate their years together as well as the day of their graduation ceremony.

Here are a few ideas on how to use graduation wristbands:

  • Produce custom wristbands using your school's colors and even logo.
  • Create a special designed message for your graduation bracelets, such as "Wildcats Class of 2013" or "Watch Out World, Here We Come!"
  • Use different colors or special effects to recognize certain students, such as honor roll students, star athletes, or students joining the military after graduation.
  • If the class has an inspirations slogan, such as "Reach for the Stars" or "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It", print it on.
  • Graduation bands aren't just for high school graduates. They also work great to build excitement and commemoration for middle school graduations, elementary graduations, and kindergarten graduations.
  • For college graduations, wristbands can be used to designate particular sororities, fraternities, or other groups.

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Jan 9 2017

Boy Scout Wristbands

Create Your Own Boy Scout Wristbands

There more than 1.5 million Boy Scouts in the country. As a leading organization for boys since 1910, the Boys Scouts of America meet regularly and have many ceremonies to commemorate boys moving through the ranks. Custom Boy Scout wristbands are the perfect way to help celebrate achievements.

Wristbands For A Cause

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Jan 9 2017

End of School Wristbands

Celebrate the End of School with Custom Wristbands

Kids and teachers alike look forward to the end of a school year. Not only is it the beginning of a well-deserved break, it also symbolizes a job well done. To celebrate, create and custom end of school wristbands.

How to Use End of School Wristbands

Custom bracelets to kick off summer break and celebrate the end of a school year are the perfect way to commemorate a special school year. Here are some unique ways to use at the end of the year:

End Of School Wristbands

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