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Apr 23, 2014

How Custom Color Wristbands Are Useful?

Color is a big part of a message. Custom color wristbands have many uses. For parties, it can tie to an overall theme. For awareness campaigns, it can signify a specific cause. For marketing and promotion, it can enhance brand recognition. Schools and teams can create custom color rubber bracelets that match their colors. At AmazingWristbands.com, you can choose from our large selection of colors, or we can match any custom color you need.

Custom Color Awareness Keychain Wristbands

Our color selection includes many unique and eye-catching colors, as well as bright neon colors. When you choose any of our silicone products, you can select a color and add special effects, such as glow or glitter. Combine colors in swirled or segmented way for an even more dramatic effect. Or, choose our dual layer wristbands to use one color on one side of the band, and another color on the other side.

Other ways to customize:

  • Add your own custom message to promote your brand, create awareness.
  • Add artwork, either your own or from our clipart library.
  • Choose our large 1 inch bands for a big and bold message.
  • Choose our thin ¼ inch band for a sleek look.
  • Choose slap bands and adjustable bands to appeal to larger audience.
  • As an alternate to a wristband, create custom color silicone keychains.

Create Personalized Color Bands Here:

Use our online builder to create your customized color wristbands quickly and easily. First, pick your type, such as debossed, embossed, 1” wide bands, ¼” thin bands, slap bands or adjustable bands. Then, pick your color and simply check the “Add glitter” box. Input your message, choose your font, and add artwork and complete a few simple steps to create your personalized band!

Remember, at AmazingWristbands.com, we only sell 100% latex free products. We offer free shipping, free artwork, free design, and no mold fee.

Last modified on: January 9th, 2017