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Aug 6, 2016

Wristbands To Show Respect For Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart Day Celebrations

Although it’s a lesser-known holiday, the significance of Purple Heart Day is not diminished. Observed on August 7 every year, Purple Heart Day commemorates the date that George Washington created the first Purple Heart award (then called the Badge of Military Merit) in 1782. Over 220 years later, the Purple Heart award is still a revered badge of honor for U.S. military service people, and Purple Heart Day is a great way to remember their service and dedication.

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Custom Purple Heart Day Bands

Use Wristbands for Purple Heart Day Awareness

Because so few people know about Purple Heart Day, it’s important to promote the date and get others to understand its significance. One way to drive awareness and garner attention is through silicone bracelets, which can be worn as conversation-starters or given away as reminders. Because the wristbands can be custom-designed, they can particularly key in on important facts about Purple Heart Day. For example, color matching is available, so the wristbands can be the same purple as the Purple Heart award. Also, they can have customized messages, like "Thank a Purple Heart Recipient", "Your Selfless Service and Sacrifice Mean Everything", or "A Purple Heart Means Honor".

The History of Purple Heart Day

Although George Washington created the original award to honor Revolutionary War servicemen, according to the History channel, only three soldiers received the award, after which, it was lost. The site adds that the award was reborn and renamed in 1932 to become what is now known as the Purple Heart; the Purple Heart Foundation tells us that, since then, 1.7 million combat-wounded service people have received a Purple Heart. Purple Heart Day was designed to create awareness of the sacrifices our military have made, which makes Purple Heart Day the perfect time to reflect on what those sacrifices mean to our country.

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Last modified on: November 21st, 2017