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Aug 17, 2012

How Can A Diabetes Medical Alert Bracelets Be Helpful

"I Am A Diabetic" Band

AmazingWristbands.com offers custom silicone debossed wristbands, including medical alert bracelets for people with diabetes. Design your own diabetes alert band that includes a message such as "I am a Diabetic" as well as more specific information about your condition and emergency contact information.

Custom Wristbands With A Message

Diabetes medical alert bands protect you better than medical ID cards because they are easily accessible to emergency personnel. The information paramedics and doctors need about your condition is readily accessible on a diabetes medical alert wristband, and the wristbands are stylish too! Keep your important medical information and emergency contact information where it can be easily found with diabetes medical alert wristbands. Our custom diabetes bracelets can contain your personalized information. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles when you shop with AmazingWristbands.com.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is becoming increasingly common, and can be very dangerous. Diabetics can suffer from high blood sugar caused by low insulin production or difficulty processing insulin. Type 1 diabetes is often found in children or teenagers and lasts throughout a person's life, and accounts for only 10% of diabetes cases. Type 2 diabetes is much more common and most often affects adults. Here are some important facts and statistics about diabetes:

Diabetes Sucks Wristbands
  • Around 18.8 million people have diabetes.
  • 7 million people who have this disease have not been diagnosed.
  • 1 in 400 teenagers suffer from diabetes.
  • Around 11.8% of men and 10.8% of women are diagnosed with diabetes.

"I am a Diabetic" and Diabetes Awareness Wristband

The "I am a diabetic" medical alert wristband protects diabetics in case of a medical emergency. Customized diabetes awareness bracelets help raise awareness and may be used to raise money for diabetes research.

I am A Diabetic Alert Bracelets

Amazing Wristbands is a leading provider of silicone wristbands available online, including diabetes medical alert bracelets. Our products are comfortable, durable, and non-allergenic. Our professional and friendly customer service agents will help you create a customized diabetes wristband that will keep you safe in case of an emergency. We offer a wide variety of types and colors to help your diabetes band stand out and make a difference. In addition to standard wristbands, AmazingWristbands.com also offers slap bands, adjustable bands, USB bands, silicone rings and silicone keychains.

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