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Apr 11, 2016

Tips To End Child Abuse With Blue Wristbands

Use Bracelets to Raise Awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month

Getting out of an abusive relationship is not easy. And if you’re a child, it seems nearly impossible. Children of abuse are made to feel unworthy of love and often do not understand a world in which abuse does not exist. Studies show that nearly 700,000 incidents of child abuse occur each year. Some extreme cases are reported in the news, but even more happen under the radar, with thousands of children suffering in silence. End Child Abuse bracelets can communicate a message to children that safe options exist for them to report abuse and get help.


End Child Abuse Bracelets

Bracelets made specifically for Child Abuse Prevention Month can be quite effective in raising awareness. Comfortable, durable, and non-allergenic, the bracelets are made of 100% silicone and can be imprinted with sayings or phrases that serve as reminders of the tragedy that befalls too many American children. Choices could include “Healthy families, healthy communities” or “Prevention works!” Our wristbands can be created with our easy-to-use online tool, and they can be designed in any color, including blue, and imprinted with artwork, either your own or something from our extensive library. Although they’re great to wear during Child Abuse Prevention Month, the bracelets can live on through the year as reminders.

What Is Child Abuse Prevention Month?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 1974, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was enacted. Later, in 1983, April was declared Child Abuse Prevention Month. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network asserts that many child abuse cases arise from preventable situations and that having Child Abuse Prevention Month, including assorted programs, educational pieces, and community involvement, helps foster more awareness and prevention than ever before.

End Child Abuse Bracelets

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