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Jun 4, 2015

Family Reunion Wristbands

Make Family Reunions Memorable with Custom Wristbands

A family reunion is a special event when members of an extended family get together as part of a large event. Family reunions are a time for families to reminisce, celebrate, and re-connect. Custom bracelets can be a great keepsake from a family reunion that will help people remember the bonds they have with family. Build your own personalized bracelets using the online builder at www.AmazingWristbands.com.

Family Reunion Wristbands

Messages for Family Reunion Wristbands

Promote pride in family. Use a message that will remind people about the importance of family long after the reunion has ended. For example, on one side of the wristband have something straightforward such as “Jackson Family Reunion 2015.” Then on the other side, print a message such as “Proud to be a Jackson” or “Jacksons Never Quit.”

Explain the family tree. Use different colored bracelets to indicate different branches of the family tree. If your reunion encompasses several generation that started with a marriage in the early 1900s, have every branch of your family tree start with each of the offspring from that marriage. Each of those families will have the same colored wristband that indicates their relationship, such as "Great Granddaughter of Mabel."

Remember the location. If your family reunion is taking place in a popular place, put that on your wristband, such as “Gomez Family Reunion 2015 – Lake Tahoe.”

Customize Your Family Reunion Wristbands

The more unique you make your family reunion bands, the more popular they will be. Here are some creative ways to customize:

  • Add a glitter. This is particularly popular with kids!
  • Add a glow-in-the-dark effect. Perfect for nighttime events!
  • Add custom artwork, or select clipart from our extensive library.
  • Order thin quarter-inch or thick one-inch bands to really make your wristbands stand out.
  • Instead of standard bracelets, put your family reunion message on slap bands that snap to your wrist.
  • After the reunion, distribute USB bands with digital photos and video from the event.

At AmazingWristbands.com, free shipping, free artwork, free design, and free color matching. All our silicone products are made of 100% latex-free so they are non-allergenic and comfortable. Many of our styles have no minimums and can be delivered within a few days. Use our online builder to create your safe family reunion bands.

Last modified on: April 22nd, 2017