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May 16, 2015

How You Can Stand Out With Custom Glitter Wristbands

Sparkle and Shine Using Custom Glitter Wristbands

If you’re in the market for a way to celebrate a special event, promote a product, or raise funds for a cause, silicone wristbands might be just the thing. They’re eye-catching, they have great talk value, and they speak volumes through color and simple messaging. And to kick them up a notch, you can add glitter to your custom wristbands—that little sparkle will take your custom bracelets to the next level.

At AmazingWristbands.com, you can order custom glitter wristbands and even add glitter for silicone key chains!

Glitter Wristbands

Using Custom Glitter Bracelets

If you order custom glitter bracelets, the possibilities are endless. You can personalize your wristbands with color, including swirled color, color blocks, or different colors inside and out. You can add customized messaging and art that identifies your purpose. And, with the glitter, you’ve got a real stand-out wearable. Here are a few things you can use custom glitter bracelets for:

Fundraising. Wristbands are a popular way for people to show support for a cause. They’ll be happy to purchase a wristband in solidarity. Adding glitter to your custom bracelet makes them that much more sought-after.

Kids’ birthday parties. Need a great party favor for your child’s birthday? You can’t go wrong with customized wristbands. Kids will love the color, the style, and the personalized message—and if you go with custom glitter bracelets, they’ll wear them for days.

Classroom incentives. Kids love glitter, and they’ll go the extra mile to win a prized reward like a custom glitter bracelet. Offer these to your class as a reward, and you’ll see great returns.

Weddings. Everything should sparkle at a wedding! Use custom glitter wristbands with the wedding couple’s names and dates as a special giveaway at wedding receptions. Use different colors to differentiate bride or groom’s families, table assignments, and members of the wedding party.

Corporate events. Use different-colored custom glitter bracelets as an icebreaker—for example, everyone with red has to meet everyone with blue. Or put different messages or images on each bracelet, and use them as part of a team-building scavenger hunt. Or simply put your company logo and personalized messaging on the bracelet for some word-of-mouth marketing. Whatever you choose, add glitter to your design and watch the popularity of your customized wristband grow.

Sparkly Glitter Keychains

Create Custom Glitter Wristbands from Amazing Wristbands

Many of our wristbands can be created with our easy-to-use online tool. Or, call us and our professional and friendly customer service agents will help you. When purchasing custom wristbands online, be sure to work with a vendor who offers only 100% latex-free wristbands.

At Amazing Wristbands, all our silicone products are non-allergenic and latex-free. We offer free shipping, artwork, design, and free color matching. There are no minimum order requirements on our most popular wristband styles, and your custom bands will ship within 10-15 days. Build your own custom glitter bracelets online today!

Last modified on: July 12th, 2017