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Jan 2, 2018

Green Silicone Awareness Wristbands for Glaucoma

Green symbolizes glaucoma awareness and wristbands have always been a hit when it comes to showing your support for something or someone. AmazingWristbands.com is one of the top quality online wristband providers. Since we offer 100% silicone products, you can say goodbye to those awful skin allergies or infections.

Glaucoma Awareness Wristbands

We have a wide variaty of green colors for you to choose from: Green (True), Green (Bright), Green (Johnny), Green (Kelly), Green (Lime), Green (Neon), Green (Nuclear), Green (Vivid). We offer one of the largest standard color selections in the industry. If you are looking for any other variations of green, you can always visit our custom color library. Our custom color palettes are based on the Pantone Matching Color system.

Combinations available in green:

Besides solid color bands, we also offer swirl and segmented colors. Swirl is the mixture of the colors you’ve selected while our segmented style arranges the colors one after another in segments and all the colors can be seen individually.

Our standard swirl combinations include:

  • Blue (Light) + Green (Lime)
  • Green (True) + Black
  • Green (True) + White
  • Camo (green) swirl
  • Tie Dye swirl
  • Rainbow swirl

Our standard segmented combinations include:

  • Blue (Light) + Green (Lime)
  • Green (True) + Red (True) + White
  • Green (True) + White
  • Rainbow (Circus)
  • Rainbow (Team RR)
  • Rainbow
  • Red (True) + Green (True)
  • Yellow (True) + Green (True)

You can also check out the specialized dual layer bracelets we have for you. As the name implies, the band consists of two different layers/colors. The outside layer will be laser debossed based on the shape of your message, and the message will be shown in the color of the inside layer. Since this is one of our coolest special products, we have a rush option available for this style and you can get your order within 24 hours and save a lot of waiting time.

Our dual layer combinations in green include:

  • Black / Green (Lime)
  • Black / Green (Nuclear)
  • Black / Green (True)
  • Black / Green (Vivid)
  • Green (Bright) / Purple (Dark)
  • Green (Bright) / Purple (Grape)
  • Green (Johnny) / Yellow (True)
  • Green (Lime) / Purple (True)
  • Green (Lime) / White
  • (Nuclear) / Black
  • Green (Nuclear) / White
  • Green (True) / Black
  • Green (True) / Orange (Pumpkin)
  • Green (True) / White
  • Green (True) / Yellow (True)
  • Orange (True) / Green (True)
  • White / Green (Lime)
  • White / Green (Nuclear)
  • White / Green (True)
  • White / Green (Vivid)
  • Yellow (True) / Green (True)

You can either use our website to get your quote in minutes, call us at 1-800-269-0910 and speak with our customer service agents or e-mail us at customercare@amazingwristbands.com.

Last modified on: January 2nd, 2018