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Sep 10, 2018

How to support Rehabilitation Awareness program with custom wristbands

Rehabilitation week is being observed from the year 1976 and this year it is from the 16th to the 22nd of September. Each year September is observed as the National Rehabilitation Awareness month. The purpose of the month is to educate and create an awareness about the impact and benefits of physical rehabilitation for the children and adults.

Rehabilitation Awareness Wristbands

Benefits of the Rehabilitation centers are as follows:

  • Provide life-changing treatment for the victims of drug and chain smokers
  • Helps to minimize the physical or cognitive disability.
  • Assist the people affected by injuries or any other kind of illness.
  • Particularly effective for older adults suffering from stroke, joint replacement surgery or any other injuries.

Are you participating in the awareness events for the rehabilitation week? Customized Wristbands are the popular fundraiser to help promote rehabilitation awareness and increase participation in the events.

Show your support by customizing your wristbands with any message related to your event. Messages for your bracelets can be generic, such as “Rehabilitation Week - September” or, you may want to get innovative with a message such as “Join with me for awareness” or “Ask me about my bands”. Many people participate in such events to show support, and wristbands are considered more personal for that purpose.

Rehab professionals must be rewarded for their dedication towards patients. Instead of choosing from a wide selection of personalized gifts it is a better option to go for the wristbands, which are both trendy as well as cost-effective.

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Wide variety of message types and awareness colors are also available to help your wristbands stand out and make a difference. In addition to the standard size bands, we also offer ¼”, ¾” and 1” bands. If you are not sure about your wrist size, we have specially designed adjustable snap and slap bands which give a perfect fit for any size. LED, Medallions and USB bands are our latest inclusion.

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Last modified on: September 10th, 2018