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Jul 22, 2016

Awareness Bracelets For World Day Against Human Trafficking

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Wristbands

Use custom designed awareness bracelets from AmazingWristbands.com to fight against Human Trafficking. Around the world, human trafficking - selling youth and adults for labor and sex—is a frightening problem. Millions in numerous countries are victims of human trafficking, most notably children. To raise awareness about the problem and try to determine solutions, in 2013, the general assembly of the United Nations designated July 30 of every year as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Another aim of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is also to help promote and protect victims’ rights.

Wristbands To Stop Human Trafficking

Use Wristbands to Raise Awareness for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

An easy way to rally troops in support of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is to create customized silicone wristbands. Wearing bracelets is an easy show of solidarity for a cause and a way to get others asking questions and learning more. The wristbands can be blue, with the simple heart logo as shown on the United Nations site. They can be imprinted with messages like “World Day Against Human Trafficking” or the hashtag “#IGiveHope.”

What Is Trafficking in Persons?

Human trafficking is a crime in which people are forced into slavery or sexual acts by traffickers who are looking for profit. According to UNICEF, there is more than $32 billion in profit made by human traffickers, and around the world, an estimated 21 million people are victims of trafficking. UNICEF suggests some signs that a person is the victim of trafficking include little knowledge about his or her whereabouts, fear or anxious behavior, inconsistencies in stories, and more.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Wristbands From Amazing Wristbands

Many of our wristbands can be created with our easy-to-use online tool. Or, call us and our professional and friendly customer service agents will help you. When purchasing custom wristbands online, be sure to work with a vendor who offers only 100% latex-free wristbands. At Amazing Wristbands, all our silicone products are non-allergenic and latex-free. We offer free shipping, free artwork, free design, and free color matching. There are no minimum wristband order requirements on our most popular wristband styles, and your custom bands will ship within 5 to 10 days. Design your own World Day Against Trafficking in Persons wristbands online today!

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