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May 16, 2017

Ideas to support women’s health week

National Women’s Health Week is observed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, each year starting from the 2nd Sunday of May. This year it kicks off May 14 and ends on May 20.

The main aim of observing this week is to remind women to take care of themselves and make their health a priority. Support them to take control with silicone wristbands customized at amazingwristbands.com – a leading provider of custom silicone bracelets.

Women's Health Week Wristbands

Women and Special Care

Women experience unique health concerns — pregnancy, menopause, breast cancer, cervical cancer and more. Some health issues that affect both sexes, can affect women in a different way. For example, women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men. They also experience more serious effects of STDs and are more likely to have depression and anxiety than men. That’s why they need special care. Women devote more time taking care of their family and rarely have the time to think about their health.

Ideas to Support Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week is the perfect time for girls to invest in themselves and live free from diseases.

  • Put banners and posters at the entrance of local beauty salons and spa centers with a message on how important women’s health is. You may even display brochures for customers to pick up at the front desk.
  • Organize a NWHW lecture at your workplace, spread the word with infographics and slide presentations.
  • Ask your local gym to offer special discounts on this special week. This will motivate and inspire more women to visit these places.
  • Request your local newspaper editor to highlight the most common women’s health issues and the necessary steps for prevention.
  • Host a women health fair and include free screenings for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. It is a good idea to have a healthcare professional on the spot to clarify any doubts. As a token of appreciation, surprise the attendees with unique awareness wristbands designed online — one of the best ideas to support the cause.

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