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Jul 12, 2015

International Adoption Bracelets

Celebrate International Adoption During Adoption Awareness Month

More than 200,000 from around the world have become part of American families in the last decade. Children from China and throughout Asia, as well as from Africa and South America, are part of international adoption programs. Many programs exist to help international adoptees reconnect with other children from their birth countries and connect with their cultural backgrounds. International Adoption Bracelets can help create a sense of community in kids and foster pride and confidence.

International Adoption Bracelets

Adoption bands for Adoption Awareness Month in November and other adoption-related events can be made in a variety of colors. Pink, blue, white and red are common colors for adoption wristbands. General international adoption bracelets may say something simple such as "Strength in Family" or "Every Child is a Gift." Internationally adopted children may wear a bracelet that says something specific about their birth country or cultural background.

International Adoption Awareness

There are many myths about international adoption. One goal of international adoption efforts is to dispel those myths and educate the public with facts. Here are just a few of the myths reported by www.AdoptionStar.com

Myth: International adoption is more expensive than domestic adoption. It's not necessarily true that there is a large difference between the costs for an international adoption versus a domestic adoption. Both international and domestic adoptions have their own unique costs involved. Often the cost is not too far apart.

Myth: You can adopt from any country you want. It is not only not possible to adopt from any country, even if the country is open for international adoption, not every child in an orphanage or foster home is eligible for adoption.

Myth: It takes years to adopt internationally. Different country programs have different timelines and certainly the process is also related to how flexible and open prospective adoptive parents are to the type of child or children they are hoping to adopt. Many international programs take 9 – 18 months.

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