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Aug 29, 2014

I Love Music Wristbands

Show Your Passion for Music with Custom Wristbands

Some people are just born with a love of music. For others, lessons at an early age may turn them on to a specific instrument. Other people can’t carry a tune to save their lives, but love listening to music. These days, children are being introduced to music very early, from programs such as Baby Mozart to classes where parents and toddlers can learn to appreciate music together. I Love Music wristbands can help you show the world what a difference music makes in your life.

i love music wristbands

Uses for I Love Music Wristbands

From school music programs to private music academies to a single person who just loves music, I Love Music wristbands can be used for marketing, promotion, fundraising and more. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you’re a music program in a school, print “I Love Music” on one side of the wristband and your school name on the other. Sell the wristbands as a fundraiser for your program. Orchestra, band, and choir programs can also use this idea to foster support for their programs.
  • If you’re a private music school, print “I Love Music” on one side of the wristband and your school’s website on the other. Hand out the wristbands to your students, and give them an extra to give to one of their friends.
  • For individuals, list the instrument you play on your wristband, such as “I Love Violin” or “I Love Guitar.”
  • With custom wristbands, you can use any message you like on your music wristbands. Other popular ideas include “Music Is My Life” or “Music = Joy.”
  • Add artwork to your custom wristbands, such as musical notes or a school mascot icon.

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