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Dec 2, 2017

What Made Livestrong Bracelets Popular?

Livestrong Yellow Wristbands History

The yellow silicone bracelet “Livestrong” campaign launched in May 2004. It was developed as a fundraising item by Nike and its advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy. It was designed especially for Lance Armstrong, an American professional cyclist and cancer survivor. The yellow was used to represent the color of the jersey worn by leaders during the Tour de France as well as the ribbons welcoming Americans home from combat. The purpose of this $1 bracelet was to raise funds to improve the lives of people affected by cancer; it raised $100 million in donations.

Livestrong Cancer Awareness Wristbands

By the end of the summer 2004, the Livestrong bracelet had gained immense popularity. Many celebrities and cyclists in the Tour de France were wearing the yellow bands. The bracelet became an icon not only for cancer support, but for the many meanings attached to the yellow wristband. The combination of smart idea, sleek design, strong message, affordable price and opportunity to help a noble cause produced outstanding results. The wristband campaign helped many cancer survivors facing their emotional, practical and financial challenges.

The Livestrong Bracelets’ Impact on Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations like American Red Cross, the Breast Cancer fund and others were inspired to launch their own wristband campaigns to raise funds. The trend started by Lance Armstrong brought attention to cancer and gained support not only in America but worldwide. People wearing the yellow bracelets could be spotted everywhere around the globe.

The Wristbands’ Impact on the For-Profit Sector

Soon after the Livestrong campaign’s success, not only charitable organizations found the value of silicone wristbands but different businesses from the for-profit sector started to use them successfully for promotions and advertising. The wristbands’ affordable price allowed companies to order them in large quantities and use them as giveaway items to their employees, clients, subscribers, and more.

The custom-made wristbands gave businesses an opportunity to create their own design for specific purposes, as well as to choose their own colors, font, message, images, logo, size, and style. People tend to wear wristbands long after an event, especially if they like the design and cause, which made for long-lasting marketing at a low cost and exposed the companies to the public eye for an extended period of time.

The Wristbands’ Multi-Functionality

Customized silicone bands started as a fundraising tool and found their way to the business sector; however they developed in many other ways and proved over the years that they can be used for literally any purpose. Wristbands are appropriate for any type of business, cause, event, festival, school, church, birthday party, sports and youth team. Wristbands were even sent into space. History has shown how one simple idea can be modified, developed and spread colorfully to get a message everywhere.

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Last modified on: December 2nd, 2017