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Jun 23, 2017

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

This year, Week runs June 18 through June 24. Its purpose is to make people take thunderstorm-related hazards seriously and to reduce the number of deaths and injuries happening National Lightning Safety Awareness every year because of lightning strikes.

Safety Awareness Wristbands

How to protect yourself from lightning?

Create a safety plan for you and your family. Here are some safety guidelines you should follow before or after the thunderstorm reaches its greatest intensity:

  • Avoid using corded phones: Landline phones are definitely a risk when a thunderstorm is in progress because the current may travel through the telephone cables. Also, make sure you do not use your mobile phone while it is being charged.
  • “When thunder roars, go indoors”: Sitting on the porch and enjoying the rain is not as safe as it sounds. Don’t peep through the window and stay away from concrete walls.
  • Move away from electrical equipment: That surge of electricity can cause a short circuit and damage your computer, television, etc. It is better to unplug all electrical devices in your home, before it starts raining.
  • Do not touch concrete surfaces: Metal wires or bars in concrete walls are very good conductors of electricity. Lightning waves can travel through faster than you might expect.
  • Check weather forecasts every day: Before going out, make it a habit to always check the weather forecast for the day. It is advisable to cancel or postpone any trips or outdoor activities during major thunderstorms.
  • Other precautions: Avoid plumbing. Also, if you are in a car or a bus, roll the windows up and make sure you do not touch any devices plugged in for charging. Convertible vehicles and golf cabs are a bad idea for a thunderstorm shelter.

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Last modified on: June 29th, 2017