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Apr 16, 2018

Oral Cancer - Know the risk factors and causes

A type of cancer that develops in the mouth area is known as Oral cancer. In the article, let us see the risk factors and causes of this cancer.

Risk factors and Causes:

The risk develops greater for the people over 45 years of age and above. Men are at more risk when compared to women. The most important cause of Oral cancer is the enormous usage of tobacco and alcohol. Listed below are the risk factors from the most important to the least.

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As everyone knows tobacco is the major cause of Oral cancer. Tobacco in any form is considered dangerous. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bidis and smokeless tobacco (including chewing tobacco and snuff) are some ways in which people are using tobacco. The longer you use it, the greater you are at risk.

Continuous usage of tobacco after getting diagnosed with oral cancer increases your risk of getting a second oral cancer. Usage of smokeless tobacco causes cancer in the gums and the inner lining of the cheeks and lips whereas cigarettes, cigars, and pipes affect the lips. Second-hand smoke should be completely avoided while smoking.


Alcohol is always harmful to health and when combined with tobacco the risk is high. Together the effect is much and it may lead to one or more oral cancer.

Betel quid and Areca nut:

Most commonly used in South Asia. These are the seed from the oriental palm and when people keep chewing it the harmful substance in them get triggered and paves way for cancer. Some people have the tendency to chew it with tobacco, which by default leads to cancer. Areca nut mostly affects the inner lining of the lips.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

A group of viruses which are spread through sexual contact and oral sex. They mostly affect the male private organs, but in some cases, it affects the mouth and throat. Even though HPV is not related to the usage of tobacco and alcohol, it may cause oral cancer for some.

Cancer History:

Victims of oral cancer are at high risk when they continue to use tobacco or alcohol. Also, if any, of the family members, suffer from SCC, the most common type of oral cancer, there is a high risk.

Sun exposure

When exposed to the sun for a long time, lips lose its immunity and gets to develop lip cancer. Fair-skinned people and farmers are at risk of developing lip cancer. Lip cancers usually occur on the bottom of the lip since they are more exposed to the sun.

Improper Diet:

A well proper and a balanced diet helps you stay healthy. Besides getting affected by cancer, they also put you at risk of obesity and many other health diseases. Carotenoids present in vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Weakened immune system:

For some people, the immune system gets weaker when they undergo any kind of stem cell transplant or bone marrow. The hospital people will take care of this when they do such transplantations, but for some, it may react in a different way and weakens their immune system.

Poor oral health:

Oral health condition is very important to stay away from this cancer. Bleeding gums, missing teeth need to be taken care of at the earliest. It is a must to get an oral checkup at regular intervals.

Possible risk factors:

Listed below are some risk factors that may lead to oral cancer. But there is no proper evidence to justify the point.

  • Poor-fitting dentures
  • Regular intake of very hot beverages
  • Using alcohol-based mouthwash
Last modified on: April 16th, 2018