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Jul 18, 2015

How To Create Paragliding Wristbands?

Sport Your Love of Paragliding with Custom Paragliding Wristbands

Personalized Paragliding wristbands are inspired by the interactive sport known as paragliding. Over the past ten years, Paragliding has developed into one of the most thrilling activities. Thousands of people have discovered a new sense of freedom they feel when enjoying this sport.

What is Paragliding?

Paragliding is a sport in which the pilot has complete control over the flying device, allowing him or her to fly for hours if desired! A paraglider looks similar to a parachute since the paraglider evolved from the parachute. When the pilot is paragliding, he/she sits under a canopy attached to a harness by a web of supporting strings. In the actual canopy are tubes inflated by rushing wind. Paragliders can fly all over and perform a variety of stunts, and flights can last for as long as the pilot is willing.

Custom Pargliding Sport Bracelets

Silicone made paragliding rubber bracelets are fun to wear for paragliders of any age. Show the world that you are a paraglider, or give them to a paraglider you know. They can be given out as prizes during contests, or as rewards for successfully passing classes.

With several options for customization, Paragliding bracelets can be designed in any way you desire:

  • Implement tons of color combinations or designs, such as segmented colors or swirled colors.
  • Add messages to your wristbands.
  • Effects such as glow-in-the-dark and glitter are available.
  • Different sizes, such as quarter-inch or one-inch wristbands, are available.
  • Besides wristbands, slap band are available that slap onto your wrist and fit with ease!
  • Images and clipart can be added to your wristbands.

When you buy custom bands from us, you will receive professional service and quality silicone products that latex-free, and non-allergenic. Many of our wristbands have no minimums and can be delivered within a few days. Use our online builder to create your wristband, or give us a call if you need help.

We offer:

  • Free shipping.
  • Free artwork.
  • Free design.
  • Free color matching.

Build your custom Paragliding Wristband today!

Last modified on: December 30th, 2016