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Sep 26, 2015

Custom Pink Wristbands To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink October Coming Once Again to the NFL

Raising awareness is very important for every cause. You can use custom awareness wristbands to support your cause amazingly. The color pink has become well known in its use to promote Breast Cancer and the NFL and its players incorporate pink into their games to increase awareness for this disease. Going into its seventh year of their Breast Cancer Awareness promotion campaign, the NFL will once again be decked out in pink for the month of October. From ribbons and pins to shoes, towels, headbands, hats, the players, cheerleaders, coaches and even referees bring oceans of pink to televisions every Sunday. Join the NFL in raising awareness for breast cancer with customized bracelets from Amazing Wristbands.

Pink Bracelets

Here are some important facts about breast cancer according to the American Cancer Society:

  • In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women, as well as an estimated 57,650 additional cases of in situ breast cancer
  • In 2011, approximately 39,520 women are expected to die from breast cancer). Only lung cancer accounts for more cancer deaths in women.
  • In 2011, about 2,140 cases of breast cancer are expected to occur among men, accounting for about 1% of all breast cancers. In addition, approximately 450 men will die from breast cancer.

You can join in the fight against breast cancer with customized awareness bracelets. Design them in pink or any color to show your support and raise awareness for breast cancer. Use your own customized bands to send a message of hope to all those affected by breast cancer, or in honor of someone you care about who is fighting the disease or had died because of it. With awareness comes more funding more research, and eventually, a cure.

Amazing Wristbands is a leading provider of customized silicone wristbands available online. Our bands are comfortable, durable, and non-allergenic. Most importantly, our bracelets are your bracelets. Our courteous and professional customer service agents will help you build a customized breast cancer awareness bracelets that gives your message the power it deserves. We offer a wide variety of bracelets types and colors to help your bracelets stand out and make a difference.

Experience the difference at Amazing Wristbands! We offer:

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