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Jan 24, 2013

Poverty Awareness Wristbands

Raise Awareness of Poverty with Bracelets

Poverty is not just a problem in developing countries, it's a problem in the U.S. as well. You can help end poverty, or at least raise awareness of issues related to poverty, through the use of awareness bracelets. Silicone wristbands from AmazingWristbands.com are 100% silicone, making them comfortable, latex-free, and non-allergenic. You can customize your bands to help end poverty with your personalized message.

Poverty Awareness Bracelets

Poverty in America Awareness Month is January, and the recognized awareness color for poverty issues is white. When creating your custom poverty awareness wristbands, you can use a message such as "End Poverty in America" or "Stop Poverty Now." Or, you may want wristbands to promote a event and can put the event's name on your bands. Poverty awareness wristbands can be distributed simply to raise awareness, or sold as fundraiser items.

What is Poverty?

Poverty is a general term to describe conditions of the poor. In America, poverty is measured based on a calculated poverty level that takes into account the size and income of a family. Here are some important statistics about poverty from the National Poverty Center.

  • The poverty threshold for a family with two adults and two children is $22,113.
  • In 2010, 15.1 percent of all people in the U.S. lived in poverty.
  • The poverty rate in 2010 was the highest poverty rate since 1993.
  • Poverty rates are highest for families headed by single women, particularly if they are black or Hispanic. In 2010, 31.6 percent of households headed by single women were poor, while 15.8 percent of households headed by single men and 6.2 percent of married-couple households lived in poverty.
  • Children represent a disproportionate share of the poor in the United States; they are 24 percent of the total population, but 36 percent of the poor population.

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