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Oct 30, 2014

School Trip Wristbands

Keep Students Safe with Customizable School Trip Wristbands

Thousands of children go on school trips every day. Educational and fun field trips to local museums, government buildings, parks, and cities are an important part of a student’s school experience. Though teachers and parents are committed to keep students safe on school trips, students can wander off and become separated from their school group. To keep them safe, create and distribute school trip wristbands.

School Trip Writable Bracelets

How to Use School Trip Bracelets

These can be customized with your school’s contact information. Here are some unique ways to use:

  • Have your school trip bands created with your school’s colors so children in your group can be differentiated from students in other groups. Use swirled or segmented colors to really make your wristbands stand out.
  • If you have a large group, use different colors to separate students into smaller groups.
  • Use our writable bands so students can customize their school trip bracelets with their names or other chaperone’s cell phone number.
  • Add glitter or a glow in the dark effect to your wristbands.
  • Create customized 1” thick wide-bands to add more information or to help your bands stand out.
  • Kids love our popular slap bands -- they're sure to wear this popular type!

Buy School Trip Wristbands from Us

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