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Jun 18, 2015

Design National Simplicity Day Wristbands

Wristbands Remind Us to Keep it Simple

Customized National Simplicity Day bracelets can help you promote simple living. It's been said that "Simplicity is the essence of happiness." From that wisdom, National Simplicity Day was created and is celebrated on July 12. The date was chosen because it is the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, an American author, poet and philosopher who advocated for living a life of simplicity.

Wristbands For Simplicity Day

Simple Customized Bracelets

You can choose any message for your National Simplicity Day Bracelets. Create a general message such as "Simplify!" or "Simple Life = Happy Life." Or, go back to an old favorite and use the acronym KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. If you're organizing an event for National Simplicity Day, choose a message specific to your event. You can choose any color or combination of colors you want for your custom wristbands. Add artwork from our library or upload your own to personalize your bands even more. Most of the popular wristband styles have no-minimums at AmazingWristbands.com.

Participating in National Simplicity Day

Thoreau, well-known by many, for his book Walden, wrote that “as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex.” It's hard to imagine what Thoreau, who lived in the 1800s would think of the far more complicated world we live in today, but it's safe to assume that he would believe in the same benefits of a simplified life. He might suggest we all slow down, unplug, and experience the beauty of nature. By enjoying the simple things in life, people are more likely to achieve balance and reduce stress in their lives.

How to Simplify Your Life

According to mindbodygreen.com, here are the best things you can do to simplify your life:

  • Evaluate your relationships and those that are draining you.
  • Disconnect — fully — for one hour a day (at least).
  • De-clutter every corner of your home.
  • Get really, really quiet.
  • Shred your "To Do" list, and make an "I Want" list.

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