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Dec 8, 2017

Special LED Wristbands to Celebrate Hanukkah

Hanukkah, also known as the “Festival of Light”, is a Jewish holiday celebrated to honor the re dedication of the Jewish Temple. It also remembers the Jewish people's struggle for religious freedom.

Hanukkah LED Wristbands

LED bands to celebrate Hanukah!

The celebration of Hanukkah includes a variety of customs and fun ways to celebrate. One of them is surprising children with presents. This holiday season, LED wristbands are here to bring you an amazing illuminating experience.

A brief note about our LED wristbands:

AmazingWristbands.com is one of the leading providers of LED bracelets online. We have a wide variety of selections for you to choose from. We offer two basic LED wristband types:

  • Standard
  • Sound/vibration activated


These wristbands can be used in four modes. Each one is activated by pushing the button on the top of the case.

  • Pushing the button for the first time switches on a solid LED glow;
  • Pushing the button for the second time makes the light blink faster;
  • The third time is for slower flashing;
  • The fourth time switches the light off.

We offer 8 LED glow colors (including multi-color changing) and 7 case colors including transparent (allowing the LED glow color to illuminate the case).

Sound activated:

A small on/off switch is located on the side of the case. These wristbands flash to the beat of songs. We offer 7 LED glow colors and 4 case colors including transparent cases.

Message style: Screen printed messages on the bands and/or the case are available. Have your design and text, printed directly on the band in crystal clear detail.


We have a repair/battery replacement kit as an add-on to our LED wristbands.

Celebrate with us !

We have a wide variety of fonts, messages and art work for you to choose from. Go through the clipart gallery and choose the best one to show your festive spirit with. Or you can upload custom clipart, for an even more personalized experience!

You can call us at 1-800-269-0910 or e-mail us at customercare@amazingwristbands.com. You can also check out our LED wristbands customizer!

Last modified on: December 8th, 2017