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Apr 28, 2017

Step up and be healthy: Successful strategies for getting healthy this April

Do you often think about your health? Most people’s answer to this question is “Not really.” It is true — in this busy, fast running world, many of us forget to concentrate on our health and the importance of it. Busy schedules, poor eating habits, lack of physical activity and inadequate sleep leave people fatigued. It is important to know that without good health, life loses its quality and charm. Step up and work out your own successful strategies for getting healthy and create awareness with silicone wristbands customized at AmazingWristbands.com—a leading provider of custom silicone accessories.

During the first full week of April each year, National Public Health Week is observed by the American Public Health Association across the United States to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight the issues that need to be tackled.


It is one of the best achievements of public healthcare, saving millions of lives. Many childhood diseases are preventable by vaccines. Vaccinations provide a lifetime of protection against serious diseases and infections, such as influenza, pneumococcal disease, human papillomavirus, and hepatitis A and B. It is a simple, safe and effective way to protect the community.

Prevent Obesity

Obesity is a growing concern, and has a real impact on individuals and on our health system. Excess of body fat can shorten your life. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Keeping fit can prevent obesity — so go on a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly.Blue Wristband To Support Non-Diabetic Nation

Eat Healthy

Always take nutritious, energy-boosting fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Reduce consumption of fat and sugar items. Avoid fried foods totally and cook with plant-based oils.

Start Moving

Too much sitting at one place is absolutely bad for your health. If you want to burn calories and fat, physical activity is a must. By making simple lifestyle changes to include some walking, swimming, or cycling, we can maintain a healthy weight. By using a pedometer or a smartphone to measure our step count, we can easily improve over time. Increase your activity and set goals in the way that works for you. Soon you will start to see the benefits.

Set Specific Strategies

Making a healthy lifestyle change can be quite challenging. But if you prioritize well, it would not be a big problem. Is it that difficult to set aside an extra thirty minutes a day to fit in some exercise or drink an additional 20 ounces of water? Are you lazy or you just lack willpower? You should always first set a goal for yourself because it’s the perfect way to fuel your ambition. Be specific about your strategies. Setting realistic strategies will help you see the progress you are making and keep you motivated. You should know why you want to change your lifestyle otherwise at some point you will lose interest. For example, you might want to quit drinking and smoking Fix a time limit to quit and stick to it.

Organize an Awareness Campaign

These campaigns intend to create awareness among the general public about the importance of living healthy. This April, organize one in your community with the help of local authorities, and healthcare professionals. Explain the importance of a balanced diet, physical activity, limitation of alcohol intake, regular medical checkups, etc.
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Last modified on: June 22nd, 2017