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Apr 11, 2017

How To Support Mathematics And Statistics Awareness Month

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month is held each year in April. Its main purpose is to promote the enormous usefulness and importance of mathematics and statistics to the public. According to research, roughly 25 percent of university students and 80 percent of community college students experience some level of math apprehension or anxiety.  Mathematics and statistics both play a key role in addressing many world problems such as internet security, sustainability, climate change, and much more.  Design your own silicone wristbands online to communicate the intrigue of these fields of study to a larger audience. You can do it at AmazingWristbands.com—a leading provider of custom silicone accessories.

Wristbands To Show Love For Math

A Short Brief

Did you know when this awareness month was first observed? It began in 1986 as Mathematics Awareness Week with a proclamation by President Ronald Reagan who knew the application of math is vital in such fields as medicine, computer sciences, space exploration, skilled trades, business, defense and government. Yet, despite its crucial role in the progress of economy and society, enrollment in mathematics programs has been declining at all levels of US education. So it is necessary to increase public understanding on these two subjects.

Exciting Ways to Support

Here are some good ways to express your support this Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month and make Math & Stats classes more fun and enjoyable for students:

  • Regular and persistent exercise can influence math anxiety. It is up to teachers to help their students overcome the fear of math by getting them to talk in class, presenting problem-solving strategies and providing positive mathematics learning experiences.
  • Educate kids how math is used in different areas – for example, algebra is used by architects, statistics are used to track crime, or financial planning is used to develop and approve a budget. We also estimate budgets at home. Make students understand the meaning of math beyond the classroom.
  • Everyone recognizes how important it is for children to study and understand mathematical concepts. Do you have a library near you? Math and Stats book donations are the perfect way to get involved. There are also some great math fiction books like Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi or Sir Cumference and the First Round Table. Kids who are finding it difficult to deal with these subjects will learn the concepts much easier.
  • Various educational institutions conduct meetings and events in support of Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, including workshops, competitions, exhibitions, lectures and symposia. Take part in any of these to show your support.
  • Host a fun Family Math Night with children, relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues. Invite teachers and students from your kid’s school. Such events intent to strengthen the mathematical application, problem solving, and communication skills of children. Include puzzles and problem solving games. Kids can take a break from solving these on paper and learn concepts in a variety of new ways. Also explain how mathematics and statistics are important in everyday life and for the nation’s social and economic development.

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Last modified on: June 23rd, 2017