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Sep 8, 2014

Support World AIDS Day With Red Wristbands

Raise Awareness of AIDS and HIV with Custom Wristbands

World AIDS Day is December 1. Many events are being organized around the world to help raise awareness of AIDS and HIV. The red ribbon has become a symbol of these world-wide awareness efforts. Many World AIDS Day events also feature red World AIDS Day wristbands which can easily be distributed to large groups of people.

World AIDS Day Wristbands

You can create red World AIDS Day bracelet with your custom message. You can choose a simple and to-the-point message such as “World AIDS Day 2014,” or something action-oriented such as “Learn the Facts” or “Get Tested”. Local groups may create custom wristbands with the name of their organization. World AIDS Day wristbands can be used to increase awareness of the cause, build excitement for an event, or raise money for AIDS research and support.
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