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Nov 25, 2012

Wristbands To Support Autism Awareness

Raise Awareness of Autism with Custom Wristbands

Awareness of autism and how it affects children and families is growing. Awareness wristbands can help spread the word and show support for people living with autism. At AmazingWristbands.com, you can create a custom message for your wristband and select from a wide range of colors. All our wristbands are made of comfortable, latex-free, and non-allergenic silicone. Your autism awareness wristbands can have a generic message such as "Support Autism Awareness" or "Building More Good Days".

Autism Awareness Debossed Bracelets

Or, they can be something more personal, such as "I Love My Son with Autism". Autism awareness wristbands show support, raise awareness, and can also be used to raise funds for autism research and patient services. The recognized awareness month for autism is April. A puzzle graphic is often used to represent autism, symbolizing the vastness of the spectrum of autistic conditions. Recognized colors for autism are blue, red, green and yellow, with people often using a combination of all these colors to demonstrate the diversity of people living with autism.

Design wristbands to raise awareness:

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