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Jul 22, 2016

Awareness Bracelets For World Day Against Human Trafficking

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Wristbands

Use custom designed awareness bracelets from AmazingWristbands.com to fight against Human Trafficking. Around the world, human trafficking - selling youth and adults for labor and sex—is a frightening problem. Millions in numerous countries are victims of human trafficking, most notably children. To raise awareness about the problem and try to determine solutions, in 2013, the general assembly of the United Nations designated July 30 of every year as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Another aim of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is also to help promote and protect victims’ rights.

Wristbands To Stop Human Trafficking

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Dec 20, 2015

Custom Osteosarcoma Wristbands With Message

Raise Awareness With Custom Osteosarcoma Wristbands

Osteosarcoma awareness wristbands can be used as part of events to promote the event, raise funds, or simply show support. Fewer than 20,000 people per year are diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Though this number makes Osteosarcoma considered rare, it is the leading form of bone cancer and needs an increase in awareness to ensure it is diagnosed and treated. Osteosarcoma Awareness Month is in July, with many events being held across the country to raise awareness, support, and funds for the disease.

wristbands with osteosarcoma message

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Oct 28, 2015

Black Wristbands With Custom Message

Create Custom Black Wristbands

Black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light. To some, black symbolizes grief and sorrow, to others it means power and authority. Custom black wristbands can be used for many things, from awareness campaigns, to promotion, to commemorating a personal loss.

Check AmazingWristbands.com color chart to choose your wish color for your bands!

Black Wristbands

What do Black Wristbands Symbolize?

For awareness, black symbolizes mourning, shows support for people suffering from melanoma, and promotes awareness of gang prevention. Black is a popular color for bracelets because it’s bold and makes a powerful statement. When used with white imprinting, black hand bands really stand out. Black can also be combined with another color for segmented or swirled wristbands. These are great when black is part of team or school colors.
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