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Jan 17, 2015

Blood Donor Awareness Wristbands

Save Lives with Blood Donor Awareness

Did you know that every two seconds someone in the US needs blood? One donation can save up to three people’s lives. Thirty-seven percent of the US population is eligible to donate blood, but less than 10% do so at least annually. Much of today’s medical care depends on a steady supply of healthy blood donors. Most blood donations go to help save the lives of people with cancer, people in serious accidents, and people requiring major surgery. People with certain blood disorders require regular donations to survive.

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Dec 7, 2012

Blood Donor Wristbands

Show Appreciation, Raise Awareness with Blood Donor Wristbands

January is National Blood Donor Month. Why January? More than any other time of the year, January traditionally presents the most challenges in recruiting people to donate blood. The need for more blood donors in January is thought to be the result of colder weather, busy schedules, and increased cold and flu symptoms. Yet winter weather can lead to more traumatic injuries from car accidents on icy roads that may increase the need for blood.

Blood Donor Wristbands

Custom blood donor wristbands can be used to encourage people to donate blood, and show appreciation for those who do donate. For example, blood donor centers may give out "I Donated"! wristbands to people who donate regularly and surpass a donation goal, or you may want to encourage blood donation by distributing wristbands with a message such as "Donating Blood Saves Lives".

Why Donate Blood?

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