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Dec 5, 2014

Support Child Abduction Awareness With Wristbands

Prevent a Tragedy with Child Abduction Awareness Wristbands

Having a child go missing is every parent’s worst nightmare. With many horrific cases of abduction in the news, more and more communities and organizations are getting together to raise awareness and take action to keep kids’ safe. Child abduction awareness wristbands can serve as a constant reminder to parents and kids to stay vigilant.

May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day, named for Ethan Patz who disappeared on his way to school on that day in 1979. Every year since 1983, communities have organized events to try raise awareness of ways to prevent child abduction. The effort is two-fold. First, children need to learn the dangers of abduction and what to do if a stranger approaches them. Second, adults need to be aware of both how to keep their own kids safe, and how to spot suspicious activity in their own neighborhoods.

Child Abduction Bracelets

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