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May 24, 2015

Tips To Show Love For Craft Beer With Wristbands

Use custom wristbands to promote your local brewery. Craft beer is more popular than ever! Local craft breweries are popping up in most every corner, and they're attracting a lot of attention. People visit breweries to try new flavors, and many establishment also offer home brewing classes and other fun events. Craft beer wristbands can be used for promotions and just for fun.

Craft Beer Wristbands

Uses for Craft Beer Wristbands

With custom wristbands, you can use any message you like on your music wristbands. Many people choose simply “I Love Craft beer” using a heart graphic or choose something that promotes your brewery or one of your brews.

Craft beer tours are when groups of people get together on a party bus and tour different breweries around town. Custom wristbands can be used to represent the different breweries the tour visited.

Local restaurants and festivals often host craft beer contests, with winners having their beer featured on tap. Use custom wristbands to promote the events or as prizes for winners. Continue Reading »