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Jun 25, 2018

Deaf-Blind Awareness Week - Ways to Support

Every year the last week of June is observed as the Helen-Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week. This year it is from 25th to the 30th of June. Formally the Deaf-Blind Awareness day is celebrated on the 27th of June which is also the anniversary of Helen Keller’s birth.

Deaf-Blind Awareness Wristbands
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Mar 6, 2018

Blue/Orange Wristbands to Support Sleep Awareness Week

This year, the National Sleep Awareness Week will be launched March 11th through March 17th. It reminds healthcare providers and the general public to prioritize sleep, so they can feel healthier and happier. The one-week event shines a light on the importance of sleep and the consequences people have to face when they are not getting enough of it.

Sleep Awareness Wristbands
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Feb 8, 2018

How to Honor the Heart Defect Victims of this Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day?

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day is a day to honor and recall everyone born with a heart defect. The primary purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the heart disease. It is also the time to appreciate the medical professionals who take care of the affected children and the researchers who work to cure or to prevent this defect in the future. Every year this day is held on the 14th of February which is also Valentine’s Day. Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect and is the leading cause of birth-defect related deaths in the United States.

heart disease awareness wristbands
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