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Apr 15, 2016

Support Mental Health Awareness With Green Wristbands

Raise Awareness of Mental Health Issues with Custom Silicone Bracelets

Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated in May, and the recognized awareness color for mental health issues is green. Many events are held throughout the nation to show support for mental health issues, raise awareness, and promote effective treatments. You can show your support for mental health issues by creating or joining a mental health awareness event. Customized silicone wristbands can help promote the cause or raise money for mental health programs. Some events include screening for depression and other mental illness, as well referrals to programs where people can get help. Consider creating mental health awareness wristbands to support the cause.

Green Color Mental Health Awareness Wristbands

You can create a custom bands for your mental health cause. Wristbands can promote a particular program or send an inspirational message. Choose from a variety of artwork to add to your custom message. "You're Never Alone", "Don't Suffer in Silence", or "Support Mental Health Illnesses" are just a few ideas for custom messages for mental health awareness bracelets.
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