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Jul 30, 2015

Curling Wristbands To Express Your Passion

Curl in Style with Custom Curling Wristbands!

Custom bracelets are the best source to express your passion. Although not the most well-known sport, curling is enjoyed by many. Dating back as early as the 1500’s, curling has evolved from a past time to an international Olympic sport. It has grown in popularity all over the world, and boasts a whole new unique experience.

What is Curling?

Curling is a two-team sport. The goal is to slide specialized granite stones over ice so that they stop as close as possible to a bullseye. The teams use strategy, teamwork, and communication to keep the other players from succeeding while doing their best to win.

Curling Game Bracelets

In order to direct the stone, a special throw, called a curl, is used to slide the ball. Then teammates sweep the ice in order to direct the ball toward its target. Overall, curling is a fun, yet competitive, game that builds character. Continue Reading »

Jul 6, 2015

Tips To Design U.S. Bowling League Day Wristbands

Remind Everyone About U.S. Bowling League Day with Custom Wristbands!

Go celebrate this day with a game of bowling and some U.S Bowling League wristbands! Every year on September 3, U.S. league bowlers celebrate this commemorative day. It is a day where the creation of bowling is remembered, which was originally on September 3, 1895. Since then, League Bowling has been a huge component of competitive bowling, where the best in the business compete.

  • Give wristbands out to friends and family.
  • Let everyone know that US Bowling League Day is a special day!
  • Celebrate this special day by wearing these wristbands.
Celebrate Bowling League Day With Wristbands

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Apr 22, 2015

How To Design Cheerleading Wristbands?

Show Support With Cheerleading Wristbands

Custom Wristbands can help to show your support for your favorite team. From pee-wee cheer team to college squads, cheerleading is a serious competitive event. High school and college cheerleading competitions require just as much preparation and athletic poise as championship games, drawing big crowds and fans. Supporting a cheerleading team can promote camaraderie within a school or larger program. Cheerleading wristbands can be used in a variety of ways.

Custom Cheerleading Bracelets

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