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Nov 30, 2015

Fan Club Wristbands To Raise Funds & Awareness

Promote your Club with Silicone Fan Club Wristbands

Many fan clubs raise awareness and funds by creating custom fan club wristbands! A quick Google search for “Fan Clubs List” yields more than 36 million results. The popularity of fan clubs and globally is immense. Whether you are a Deadhead, Parrothead or Potterhead there is a fan club for you. There are fan clubs for celebrities in music, film, sports to name a few. Elvis alone has over 400 fan clubs! Fanatics of all sorts self identify through naming themselves. Trekkies, Swifties, Little Monsters (Lady Gaga) are just a few examples. Pro sports teams have fan clubs – English soccer team Arsenal has 124 fan clubs in 62 countries.

Fan Club Wristbands For Kenny Vance

Kenny Vance Fan Club Wristbands

Amazing Wristbands was recently approached by the Kenny Vance fan club. Led by devoted fan Nilda Ferrer, Kenny Vance fans are using custom silicone wristbands in an attempt to raise money to get a street in Brooklyn near Kenny’s high school renamed after him. Click here for a link to find their petition. In it you can see Kenny's performance of LOOKING FOR AN ECHO his signature song. In return for a donation of $5, they provide a wristband for the Kenny Vance fan club. They are also using a GoFundMe page for donations that are used to fund a petition drive to Mayor De Blasio to rename the street. Continue Reading »