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Mar 21 2017

Wristbands To Show Your Love For Sugar Cookies

Do you want to satisfy your sweet tooth? July 9th is National Sugar Cookie day - a sweet day just for you! Celebrate this day with your family and friends by making delicious sugar cookies. Kids especially love to celebrate this great day!

Why Celebrate Sugar Cookie Day?

Since sugar cookies are very easy to make, spend part of the day baking your favorite sugar cookies. If you have children, make this day more memorable and cherished one having them help you make and decorate the cookies. Use custom printed wristbands to show your love for Sugar Cookies!

Give your sugar cookies an special tough by preparing them with different flavors and stuffing inside them. For example, put marshmallows, juicy candy, or jam between two sugar cookies for an extra sweet treat.

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Jan 9 2017

Custom Rainbow Wristbands

Create Custom Silicone Rainbow Wristbands

Design custom rainbow color bracelets to show your joy, acceptance, and hope. In folklore, rainbows were considered lucky, as in the Irish tale of the finding the pot at the end of the rainbow. Using multiple colors of a rainbow makes people feel happy and content. Rainbow bands can be made with any custom message. These are available in various styles such as  debossed, dual layer and writable with no-minimums!

Wristbands With Rainbow Colors

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Jan 2 2017

Wristbands To Support Your Library Programs

Support Your Local Library Programs with Wristbands

September is Library Card Sign-up Month. In the weeks leading up to this important months, campaigns around the country are promoting the library card as the most important school supply of all. There are so many benefits of students being connected to their public library, and it's important to raise awareness so parents and kids get library cards before school starts. Library wristbands can help promote local libraries and remind students to use library resources throughout the school year.

Support Library Programs

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