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Aug 10, 2013

Gold Wristbands

Create Customized Gold Wristbands

Gold is, well, golden! Gold wristbands have particularly special meaning as color gold symbolizes a range of things, all associated with things that are precious. Gold symbolizes success, achievement, high value, prosperity and quality. The color is also linked to symbolism of the sun, making it representative of life and energy.

Gold Color Wristbands

Popular Uses of Gold Wristbands

50th Anniversary celebrations

Gold is the traditional color of 50th anniversaries. As a precious metal, it symbolizes the unique meaning, value and rarity of being married for 50 years. Gold wristbands with a message such as “Celebrating 50 Years – 1963 to 2013” are popular at anniversary parties.

Product or business anniversaries

When a business celebrates its 50th year, gold wristbands can be used to signify the longevity of a company or brand.

Childhood Cancer Awareness wristbands

Gold is used as the main recognized awareness color for only one major disease, childhood cancer. Many childhood cancer advocates have adopted the slogan “Gold is the New Pink” in an effort to get childhood cancer the same kind of attention and funding as common adult cancers such as breast cancer.
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