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Sep 6, 2014

How To Customize Your Hunter Safety Wristbands?

Keep Safety Top of Mind with Hunter Safety Wristbands

Hunter safety wristbands can help keep safety topics top of mind. Hundreds of thousands of hunters head into America’s woods and fields during hunting season. Unfortunately, dozens will accidentally shoot a fellow hunter. In many states, the largest percentage of hunting accidents are caused by hunters younger than 20 years old. To stop this, states individually require young hunters to go through hunter safety courses to become certified before hunting.

Customize Your Hunter Safety Wristbands

Create your hunter safety bracelets in a hunting-related color, such as bright orange or camouflage. You can also combine these two color styles using camouflage on the band and bright orange letters. Messages on your wristband could be simple such as “I’m Certified – Hunter Safety.” Or, choose something fun such as “Aim for Safety” or “Keep Safety in Your Sights.” Adding artwork to your hunter safety bracelets can also help remind hunters of important safety messages. If you run a hunter's safety program, use custom wristbands to promote the name of your business.

Hunter Safety Bands With Message

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