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Jul 3, 2014

Custom Designed Motorcycle Safety Wristbands

Tell People to "Share the Road" with Motorcycle Safety Wristbands

Design wristbands with your message that shout out for you! Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle will tell you that, even with all the freedom riding inspires, it can also be a dangerous undertaking. Even the best riders are at risk of being unseen and hit by distracted drivers. Nationwide, campaigns are underway to encourage all drivers to “Share the Road.”  You can encourage safety on the roads for motorcycle riders with custom motorcycle safety wristbands. Whether you choose the popular "Share the Road" slogan or one of your own, your motorcycle safety wristbands can let everyone know you support motorcyclists and want to keep them safe.

Raise Motorcycle Safety Awareness

"Share The Road" is the Message of Motorcycle Safety

NHTSA has developed slogan "Share the Road" to increase motorcycle safety. NHTSA encourages local, state, and national organizations to use this model "Share the Road" language in their driver awareness programs. Here are some important facts and reminders about motorcycle safety: Continue Reading »