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Nov 8, 2017

Personalized Brown Wristbands to Promote No Shave November

Every November, people around the world join together to show their support to the international event No Shave November. The goal of No Shave November is to raise cancer awareness.

No Shave November Wristbands
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Oct 24, 2015

How To Support No Shave November With Wristbands?

Are you participating in No Shave November? This popular fundraiser for cancer awareness opens dialogue about cancer and helps raise funds for The American Cancer Society. No Shave November wristbands can be used to help promote cancer awareness and increase participation in the No Shave event. Customize your silicone wristbands with a message that is meaningful to you.

Custom Wristbands For No Shave November

Messages for your bracelets can be generic, such as simply “No Shave November” Or, you may want to get creative with a message such as “Ask Me About My Beard” or “Fighting Cancer One Beard at a Time.” Many people participate in cancer awareness events to show support for a specific person, and wristbands for that purpose may be more personal, such as “No Shave for the Alex the Brave” or “My Beard is for My Mom.” With the online tool at AmazingWristbands.com, you can create a custom No Shave November wristband for your specific needs. Continue Reading »