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Mar 15, 2016

Custom Designed World Poetry Day Bracelets

Celebrate Poetry By Wearing World Poetry Day Bracelets

Create custom wristbands on your own using our amazing design tool online. In November 1999, the General Conference of UNESCO met in their 30th session and resolved to mark March 21 as World Poetry Day going forward. Since then, every year, countries around the world have celebrated World Poetry Day by having a unique focus on the arts and on oral tradition, particularly as it relates to poetry. If you love poetry you can celebrate it and wear World Poetry Day bracelets.

World Poetry Day Bands

Using Bracelets to Celebrate World Poetry Day

Poetry has long been a tradition of the arts that celebrates language and storytelling, and World Poetry Day aims to highlight that. A fun way to support World Poetry Day is with bracelets, which are great for children and adults alike and can be made in almost any color and with some additional eye-catching twists, such as glitter. Plus, they can imprinted with sayings, phrases, or even bits of poetry. Opening lines of classic poems could be excellent reminders of the power of poetry; anything from “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood” to “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” will get people in the spirit of World Poetry Day. Continue Reading »

Oct 26, 2015

How Custom Wristbands Promote Charitable Causes?

Raise Awareness of Not-for-Profit Organizations

One of the greatest obstacles non-profit organizations face is spreading the word about their cause. Silicone wristbands can be used to create awareness of a non-profit's mission. Customizing your bracelets with your organization's colors, website address, or logo makes them a powerful marketing tool.

Wristbands for Charitable Causes

How to Use Custom-Made Wristbands for Charitable Causes

There are a variety of ways to use custom bands for your non-profit organization. Continue Reading »

Sep 26, 2015

Custom Pink Wristbands To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink October Coming Once Again to the NFL

Raising awareness is very important for every cause. You can use custom awareness wristbands to support your cause amazingly. The color pink has become well known in its use to promote Breast Cancer and the NFL and its players incorporate pink into their games to increase awareness for this disease. Going into its seventh year of their Breast Cancer Awareness promotion campaign, the NFL will once again be decked out in pink for the month of October. From ribbons and pins to shoes, towels, headbands, hats, the players, cheerleaders, coaches and even referees bring oceans of pink to televisions every Sunday. Join the NFL in raising awareness for breast cancer with customized bracelets from Amazing Wristbands.

Pink Bracelets

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