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Jun 6, 2015

Wristbands For Children's Eye Health and Safety

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month is in August

Distributing wristbands printed with message helps you spread awareness for eye health and safety. Just in time for back-to-school, August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Month. Parents are encouraged to take their child for an eye exam and talk to them about eye safety. Events are planned around the country to promote eye health and safety. Custom-made silicone wristbands  printed with Children's Eye Health and Safety message can help kids remember the important lessons they learn at these events.

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Custom Writable Wristbands

Messages For Your Children's Eye Health And Safety Wristbands

The best messages for your Children's Eye Health and Safety wristbands focus on safety. Some ideas are "I Can See Clearly" and "Eye Pledge to Stay Safe." Other messages may be specific to your particular event. Continue Reading »

May 22, 2015

How To Use Your Don't Text and Drive Wristbands?

Custom Don’t Text and Drive wristbands can be an excellent reminder for safe driving. Texting while driving can lead to disastrous results. Especially among teenagers, distracted driving is as dangerous as driving while impaired. There are many campaigns to encourage teens and other drivers to leave their phones alone while they’re behind the wheel.

How to Use Your Don't Text and Drive Wristbands

Wrists are the perfect place for reminders about not texting while driving. Keychains also work great for this important safe driving message. Here are a few ideas for your custom bracelets:

  • High schools can pass out safe driving wristbands with a theme related to the school, such as using the school colors or clipart of their mascot with a message such as "Wildcats Don't Text and Drive".
  • Driving schools can give away wristbands to teens who pass their written or driving tests with a message such as "Alive at 25" or "Leave the Phone Alone".
  • Parents can give custom silicone Don't Text And Drive rings to their teen drivers.
Rings With Don’t Text and Drive
  • Design your Custom Don't Text And Drive Bracelets Online Now!

Continue Reading »

May 16, 2015

Wristbands To Raise Awareness On Fireworks Safety

Wristbands For Fireworks Safety Awareness

Create wristbands with Fireworks safety alert to raise awareness. It's no surprise that injuries from fireworks increase dramatically around the 4th of July. But did you know that an average of 240 people per day are treated for fireworks injuries during the month surrounding Independence Day? Illegal and homemade fireworks were involved in all 8 of the fireworks related deaths in 2013. Silicone made fireworks safety wristbands can raise awareness and help reduce tragic results from fireworks.

Infographics On Fireworks Safety

When most people think about the 4th of July holiday, family festivities and fireworks likely come to mind. Safety is not always top of mind, but it should be. By taking some preventative steps and following simple fireworks safety guidelines, most fireworks injuries can be prevented. Continue Reading »

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